Persona’s Top 10 Interview Tips Guaranteed to land you the job!


As an established recruitment company, now in our 9 th year, we have many interviews take place at our HQ on a daily basis. At Persona, we don’t discriminate against age or background and have people from all walks of life apply to work with Persona. It’s what makes us so unique!
From our years of expertise, we have gathered our very own Top 10 Interview Tips that will definitely help you when trying to land that dream job!

1. Prepare for your interview!
Re-read the job advert just before your interview and research the company and relevant important information. Remember to bring along an extra copy of your CV and Identification.
Make sure your referee is aware that you’ve selected them to be a reference for you. You must be completely honest on your CV as statistics show “48% of UK Employers have found employees have lied on their CV’s”. Additionally, don’t be that person that has their phone go off mid-interview – Turn it off, put it on silent or airplane mode so you’re not disturbed, as it may disinterest your interviewer and jeopardise your chances.

2. Make Good First Impressions!
You should be polite & respectful to everyone you meet, regardless if you’re having a bad day! The first 30 seconds are when your interviewer subconsciously makes a decision about whether you will fit into the team. Make a strong good first impression by greeting your interviewer with a handshake and a cheeky smile; dress well, arrive early, be polite & have a positive attitude!

3. Know the Importance of Body Language!
During the interview, you should have very open body language by sitting upright, listening and maintaining good eye contact. Do not fold your arms, look to the floor or fidget as it makes you appear less interested. It’s vital that you differentiate social time and work time. As not differentiating social and work time will affect your chances of getting the job.
4. Please DON’T Waffle!
Be clear when answering questions, take a minute to think about your answer rather than speaking without thinking. You should reply confidently so it makes the interviewer aware that you know what you’re talking about. Remember to think before you speak! Keep it short and sweet. At Persona our interviewers pay close attention not to only how the candidates reply, but also how they handle being asked.
5. Be Authentic!
The key to success is the quality and delivery of your responses. You should always be authentic and truthful in your responses to interview questions.
You must display to the interviewer why they should hire you and what makes you different from the other applicants applying for the same job. Persona is a diverse company and many of our employees have a different skill sets that they bring to the company. So, make sure you display to your interviewer the skills you have, sell yourself!
6. Clarify Things You Are Unsure of!
Always ask for clarification on a question you are being asked which you aren’t certain about.
This makes the interviewer more mindful that you are keen to answer questions properly and efficiently. Don’t feel nervous if you don’t understand a question!
7. Arrive on time for the interview!
Arriving on time or before your interview time allows you to complete additional paperwork and observe your potential workplace.
It also gives you a chance to settle down and relax before your interview. You’ll more than likely be recognised by your employer as you appear to be reliable & punctual.
8. Review Common Interview Questions and Prepare Your Responses!
Researching commonly asked interview questions in the job role you are applying for will have you more prepared for the interview and will relax your nerves.
9. Expect the unexpected!
Your interviewer may try to catch you off guard by asking a killer question you might not have been prepared for. It’s unlikely for you to be able to prepare for every difficult question. So you must appear relaxed and stay in control. Take a moment to think about the question and you may ask the interviewer to repeat the question.
10. Thank the Interviewer!
Politeness and common courtesy go far in interviews. It’s important to thank your interviewer before you leave and for providing you with the opportunity to hopefully make a good impression!
Remember the three Ps – Prepare, Practise and Perform!
And that’s it! Follow those simple steps when attending an interview & we’re 99.999% percent sure you’ll be employed!
Remember, we are always recruiting the roles of Security Door Supervisors, Event Stewards and Hospitality staff.

If you’re interested in working for Persona, you can get in contact by calling 020 8558 4315 or

emailing your CV and the role you’re applying for to





Here at Persona, we understand that life doesn’t always go to plan and that you can experience a change in circumstances, which directly impact your mood or outlook. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed or in need to talk to someone about life challenges, Tash is here for you.

Talk2Tash is a free-of- charge service, launched this year that we offer to staff as an opportunity for them to open up in a secure and confidential environment and not suffer in silence. Persona has been established for 8 years and we take pride in our professionalism and ensuring our employees are looked after, happy and as a result, performing to the best of their ability.
Life can become overwhelming and sometimes can be a lot for one to handle on their own. In the UK, 25% of absences from work without good reason are due to stress alone, in addition, up to ½ million people in the UK have work related stress and are ‘very or extremely’ stressed as a result of work.
If you as an individual are suffering from any of the above or just need to talk, then Talk2Tash is here and available to you. All sessions are fully Confidential and allow you to express yourself without being judged by someone who genuinely cares.
We got feedback from staff at Persona who have used the service, they commented;
“Overall, our sessions really help & are necessary”
“Tasha is available to call at any time, so it’s flexible and casual”
“She’s very easy to talk to and a down to earth person. Also, has a good sense of humour and you
can have banter with, which always helps with destressing and getting things off my head”
“I have changed since and I am a much calmer person for it”
“I was having a major problem, it affected me greatly. Tash is really nice and I keep coming back”
After the sessions that have taken place, it is safe to say that attendees felt more positive and more confident in themselves. Less stress means more productivity, don’t suffer in silence - a real difference can be made, but it takes you to make it happen.
To get in touch with Tash, Contact: 0208 558 4315 or 07984 014773
We hope that we see more take advantage of this service.
Thank you, #TeamPersona



Sept 15th 2016 - The FSB London Business Awards nominations & the Persona Vlog

II's been a month since we went to the FSB London Business Awards event at the Pullman Hotel in Kings Cross. 

Not only was the evening filled with food, drink and entertainment, but we also came home with two awards as our very own Krista Brown and Charlotte Westwood-Grant came runner up in their categories.
In preparation for the night, we had a staff day out to Fonthill Road, North London to buy our dresses, suits, shoes and accessories which was rather exciting. Once we had all bought our outfits, booked hair and makeup appointments, the excitement started to kick in!
Everyone looked amazing on the night and we were all so anxious with mixed emotions of excitement and anticipation as we made our way to the awards, not sure of what to expect.
Upon arrival, we walked through the glamorous reception area and were taken aback by how beautifully set up the venue. There were chandeliers, centrepieces on the tables and a stage with a glass podium to announce the awards. Firstly, we were served some great drinks, including tequila shots and mojitos which had Team Persona feeling very jolly!
Following the drinks reception, there was a three course meal which started off with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Salad and Dressing with crusty bread. Thereafter, they cleared our table, placed our napkins on our laps and the silver service hospitality staff presented the main course of Roast Lamb, Potatoes and Carrots topped with a rosemary sauce. This was all accompanied with an array of drinks from juices to champagnes. After having good conversation and our table was cleared, we had a lovely Pear and Ginger Cheesecake and concluded the three course dinner. A big thank you to the caterers on the night, for a delicious meal!
Later on, after some great opera entertainment, our charming host, Rory Campbell started announcing who were award winners. The room went immediately silent, with tension growing at every table as we awaited to hear a name.
Our first big success of the night, proprietor and Founder of Persona HR, Krista Brown won Runner Up for Entrepreneur of the year. We couldn't contain our happiness for her; screaming, shouting, cheering, you heard it all from our table. Little did we know we'd be cheering loudly twice that night because shortly after Charlotte Westwood-Grant won Runner Up Apprentice of the Year for her Level Three Spectator Safety course. We were so pleased for both of them and couldn't be happier.
Overall, we had an unforgettable experience and it was great to come together as a team and see the rewards of hard work. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up, it was lovely networking with industry professionals and we hope to do it again very soon!
If you would like to see visuals of the night, you can check out the Persona HR YouTube Channel. The Social Media Manager, Tashanne Grey vlogged the night and edited it into a YouTube video for you all to watch! The link is below:
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June 15th 2016 - The Journey of Depression



Teenage life is supposed to be easy, hanging out with friends and enjoying life whilst being young. But it’s not that simple when you suffer from depression as it creates a barrier between you and for me it has been a long journey which started in secondary school, not knowing many people and finding it hard to fit in. 


Because of this I kept myself to myself and became more antisocial not realising what depression was, so I was unsure of what was making me feel the way I was. I remember how lonely break times and lunchtimes used to be with no one to accompany me as I excluded myself from social activities.


One day I thought enough was enough and refused to go into lesson due to the fact that I was not feeling right. My art teacher walked past and asked what was wrong as he saw that I was upset about something. At first it was hard to explain to him exactly what was going on, as I thought that it was all in my head and he wouldn’t understand me. 


I tried to open up to him but I just couldn’t as I thought that he wouldn’t take me seriously, so instead he took me to the school councillor. I remember waiting outside the councillor’s office to be seen extremely nervous as I’d never met the person before and I didn’t know what to expect. It took me a while to get a word out as I find it hard meeting new people, especially when they are asking me to express myself so deeply. 


Eventually I managed to speak up and briefly explain how I felt, stating how anxious and low I have been recently. As I was speaking, I could see her writing notes down on a piece of paper, then as a result she called my mum and arranged for her to come in for a meeting. Once the meeting had taken place, the school councillor thought it would be best to refer me to my local GP to see what help could be provided. The doctor then sent me to the Tavistock & Portman centre which helps young people who suffer with mental health. When it came to my appointment, I was again very nervous and scared as I didn’t know what to expect and the building looked very dull and gloomy as if it was something out of a horror film. 


Me and my mum was then met by my assigned councillor and I remembered a few tears coming to my eyes when we were walking to the room, which were a mixture of both nerves and relief kicking in as I knew that I was going to get the help I so desperately needed. Attending my weekly appointments really helped me open up about the way I felt and helped me learn new ways of coping.


During my time at the Tavistock & Portman, I was approached by the Anna Freud team who specialise in child mental health research and they asked if I would participate in their research programme to see if mental health is genetic. 


Whilst working with the Anna Freud team I came up with the idea of making a short film to highlight teenage depression and to give other teenager sufferers an understanding of what it’s like. We invited the help of other families involved in the same project to take part in the making of the film so we could share our stories and incorporate them into creating the short film called Facing Shadows, on YouTube. 


As a group we decided to animate the film by using by using pictures that we had drawn to then bring them to life using animation and movements, this way we were able to hide our identities but still do a voiceover on the scenes that we had


After the film was produced it was premiered at the BFI Southbank and shown to NHS and industry specialists as well as our family and friends, and the event was hosted by mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin.


To Conclude, I still get my ups and downs even though I am still receiving treatment but it has taught me to not let mental health get in the way of life and to continue striving to achieve my goals.


Paul Young



April 28th 2016 - Feeling Lost After College?



So, you’re leaving college. It’s a scary prospect but now you need to start thinking of your future career. It’s important to figure out which industry you would like to go into and its equally important to take into consideration your interests and strengths.


You may be worried, excited or reluctant but remain positive! You have your whole life ahead of you and not everyone will be good at everything, so make sure it’s something that you enjoy. When you leave school at 16, legally you must either stay in full time education, Apprenticeship, Traineeship, Work or Volunteer while in part time education or Training


It is important to speak with those there to help from Career Advisors, the Job Centre or Family and Friends. They can give you guidance and help you going forward. We work closely with the National Careers Service and the national apprenticeship service who can provide you with help job-searching, finding courses and training, funding and support in achieving your goals.


Your options range from Traineeships, Gap Year, Higher Education, Apprenticeships, Placements, Employment, which give you a chance to earn money and gain skills. Broaden your skills, if you can take a course and get a new qualification that will better you and make you more qualified for a job or position is the essential website for your university application process. You can browse all universities that offer your chosen course and look at the entry requirements for your application.


A ‘Gap Year’ is you taking time out from education before you then go to college or employment. The time away will give you a chance to mature, experience the working world or take up valuable opportunities to broaden your skills that will help you in life. In your time you can work, travel or volunteer either in the UK or overseas. University isn’t for everyone, and if it is not the path that you want to take there are many other options!


You can check out for more help and advice specific to your needs. Apprenticeships last between 1 and 4 years and allow you to earn a wage, get a qualification and work alongside experienced staff. They are available at 3 different levels and range in different industries from Administrative, Business, Health & Public Services, Engineering, Retail, Education, Media and so many more! You can get more information on At Persona we pride ourselves in being Employer Ambassadors for the National Apprenticeship Service and Ambassadors for Work Experience with #WEcan. All our Apprentices complete rigorous screening and training pre-employment, including completion of a 4-8 week Traineeship prior to their Apprenticeship starting.



Charlotte Westwood-Grant is our hard-working Apprentice in Level 2 Spectator Safety at Events and has her own story to tell:


She came to Persona after having an ‘unenjoyable and uncomfortable’ college experience. She studied History, Politics, Philosophy and Geography as A- Levels, which she enjoyed however her overall experience in the college environment was not suitable for her. She then came to Persona after it was recommended by a Senior Member of management at a careers event. Now she is on track, working hard and successful in her role as an operations supervisor and spectator safety apprentice. Charlotte says she ‘is grateful for the chance that Persona has given me, as my life could’ve taken a different route. I am now happy and looking forward to the future.’





March 28th 2016 - A Healthy and Working Mum


Hope you guys have had a great start to the year! My goals have been going great so far! To fill you in, my job is at Persona HQ. I work PT as a HR Consultant. I mostly interview, vet and screen candidates for different roles within the Company. There's plenty of reasons why I love my job... I get to meet so many interesting people and I am always learning something new! I love being the first to meet our new staff.

Away from work, I'm also a real fitness junkie and with that comes healthy, balanced eating J Being a working mum, I have to be a lot more creative with how I manage my time; that way I can still do the things I love. The obvious down side to being a working mum is that when you're at work, you're not spending time with your little one.

The challenge for me now I'm working is to fit 3 days of gym into my week! A typical day for me is to wake up at about 7 am, juice some veggies, make breakfast for my little one and get us both ready for work and nursery. Since it's a new year, you know, I had to make a new year's resolution, and one is to go to the gym after work instead of on my days off work. Meaning on my days off, my son has my full attention J

What I'm trying to show you, is that us working mummies can still be yummy mummies with a little creativity to our schedules, a little remix and you get to do all the things you need to

Here are 3 easy tips to help anyone with a goal to have a healthier lifestyle-

> Keep trying, small changes over time all add up. Martin Luther King said "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." Personally, I don't let any slip ups deter me from keeping my eyes on the prize. Also, its ok to take a break & pamper yourself when you can, in-fact its essential!

> Drink lots of water! There are too many benefits from drinking water to list here. One great one I know from experience is the detoxifying and hydrating effects.

> Can't commit to the gym? Try working out at home instead, try a sport or dancing! Walk just a little more. Exercise is a stress reliever, release those endorphins and watch your conf* Remove idence grow!

My next step at Persona is to start my Apprenticeship and do an SIA course, we are in the Security Industry after all. My advice to new staff is to keep up to date with our website and download the App for regular news & notifications. We do courses every couple of months which could also just what you need. Look at what I have achieved; I started work here as a PT Event Steward returning to work after having my child, now, 18 months later, I work permanently at HQ, PT on events and I am starting an Apprenticeship in Business & Admin, while learning all about the HR industry!