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Good Morning All! 

We are now recruiting for a variety of roles both in the office and on site in one of our busiest times of year! 

We're looking for Match Day Staff, Event Stewards, Hospitality Staff & Security Guards.

You don't need to have any experience, just be over 17, be keen to work and have a valid SIA Licence (if necessary)!

Additionally, we currently have a Vacancy in the Persona HQ Office! 

Starting at the End of July - You'll be working alongside the Team in HQ with an Admin Based Role. 

Hours are: Monday to Friday - 10am - 17:30pm

You can call us on 02085584315 for an interview or email your CV to!

Tell a friend, to tell a friend

- Persona's Recruiting! 




The Danger Squad have completed the Pilot month of delivering the learner programme to 1000 children in London and across England!!

It has been a huge success, and we've had some amazing pieces of feedback from kids & teachers & even been featured in Regional News & Newspapers.

Including BBC News, London Live, The Wright Stuff & BBC Tees! 

The Danger Squad teaches Key Stage One Children about emergency understanding, awareness, preparedness and response in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Using six unique yet relatable characters bursting with persnoality and their sniffer dog,  they use classroom-based learning tools and visual aids which highlight potential dangers and emergency situations.

With recent attacks in London, across England and all over the world, understanding of Emergency Awareness and response is needed now more than ever for our young ones.

From car accidents and house fires, to finding weapons, the programme is based on real life experiences – and is designed to teach children to correctly respond to emergency situations, not shy away from the subject.

Krista Brown, founder of Persona and now creator & founder of The Danger Squad makes sure The Danger Squad doesn't use shock tactics, but it gently introduces children to some of the emergency situations that they or their peers could face – and how to respond to them in the correct way using safe steps and being aware of safe people, safe places and safe signs.

A huge thankyou to the trainers, the month was very busy to say the least dealing with both Persona & The Danger Squad, but we pulled through! 

We will be selling our full series of Early Reader books from July on The Danger Squad website! Perfect for your child, family member or any little ones you know. 

If you would like to refer The Danger Squad to a school or organisation so they can get involved, get in contact. 




Today is World Lupus Day! 

Lupus is an incurable immune system illness, probably genetic in origin and mainly suffered by females. It can affect any part of the body and that's the danger.

The two major symptoms are joint and muscle pain and an extreme tiredness that won't go away no matter how much you rest. Rashes, depression, anaemia, feverishness, headaches, possible hair loss and mouth ulcers may all be part of the pattern of lupus.

People with lupus can differ greatly in their symptoms and how the illness can affect them - life-threatening for a few, very mild for some. Miscarriage, often recurrent, is another unhappy complication of lupus.

LUPUS UK produces an informative national magazine with lupus articles, letters, reports, and photographs, and operates a strong Grant Programme for research purposes and welfare.

There are many ways you can get involved with LUPUS UK.

Check out their website for more information & to donate to the cause.



It's been a Busy Week for The Danger Squad, but we're so ready to start next week!

Make sure to follow us for updates & to see what we're up to! 



After a productive week, we received the PERFECT E-mail, that put a smile on all of our faces this evening.

We were informed that we WON the 2017 UK Enterprise Awards for the 'Most Innovative Recruitment Company-London 2017'

We are thrilled that we were not only nominated but won this award.
A big thankyou to our amazing staff, hard working power circle & the lady that holds us all together Krista Brown


, Remember our -

Change your attitude towards everything & it'll all fall into place! Have a great day!