About Us

A Little Bit About Us ..


Persona is an established, professional Recruitment Business now in their 8th year; bringing together a combined workforce and clientele that have been working together successfully for many years. 

We are Specialist Recruiters, supplying to a niche market within our Industry. Our aim is to supply you with any staffing requirements you may have within the SECURITY, EVENTS & HOSPITALITY industry. We also have our Persona consultancy and additionally offer a planning service.

Our services are fully integrated with the needs of all our Clients, and other statutory bodies such as the SIA, Police, Data Protection, CRB, REC and other emergency services.

Offering a flexible approach and an individual service/package for every Client, we are able to meet head-on any challenges thrown up by every event, shift or booking. The flexibility we offer is a major advantage when dealing with an urgent, or escalating, situation.

All our Staff are vetted thoroughly in line with BS 7858, BS 7960 & BS 8406 UK Standards. Each staff goes through a 6 hour Interactive Induction including Radio Communication training, equivalent to a Level 1 NVQ.

All staff are then obligated to undertake various relevant Industry NVQ’s such as Spectator Safety @ Events & Customer Service. We do have our own in-house Training Academy & we out-source some courses also.

Persona were the Pioneers of the Apprenticeship in our sector & to this end we place a huge emphasis on Youth & People Regeneration within our Company Ethos & CSR. We always have various Apprenticeships running at different levels. We firmly believe there is work for everyone if they are prepared to put the work in themselves – building and maintaining good team spirit & morale is vital in any organisation and it is something we are consistently praised and recognised for.

We also care that our Clients get the same passion and emphasis on service, and to that end we supply a 24hour Control Room facility, with each line being assigned to a Senior Management for direct contact. All lines receive email 24 hours a day so an immediate response is guaranteed.

“We listen, consult, advise and respond to your needs; offering tailor made packages and rates for every Client. If we send you the wrong candidates then quite simply, we are not doing our job properly”
Krista Brown BA (Hons), FDA Company Founder & Proprietor.